Hydroxychloroquine: More Rigorous Trials Are Needed

The recent controversy around hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) initially involved small, uncontrolled trials that seemed to show promise followed by countries acquiring large stockpiles of HCQ and government and media spokespersons and others advocating HCQ for therapy and prophylaxis against Covid-19.  A retrospective data analysis of patients at all US Veterans Administration Hospitals did not find a… Read More

Advancing Interoperability: Data Quality Challenges in the Automation of Medication Reconciliation

Best practice medication reconciliation compares medication information from at least 2 different sources to determine what medications a patient is actually taking vs what they should be taking. It is well established that medication reconciliation is critical to successful transitions of care and has been demonstrated to reduce readmissions and improve outcomes.  However, automating this process… Read More

Medication Adherence: Starts With The Right Therapeutic Regimen

ActualMeds CEO Patricia Meisner discusses how reducing complexity and risk of medication regimens in older adults is a fundamentally different approach to improving adherence. In order to do this care teams must be aware of a patient’s medication history to guide therapy and interventions at the point of care.  Listen to the entire podcast at: http://www.relentlesshealthvalue.com/48