ActualMeds Collaborates with Partners Medication Management LLC 

To Provide Real Time Patient Medication Histories 

At Admission to COVID-19 NJ Field Hospitals 

Patient’s Recent Prescription History Guides Triage and Treatment

East Hartford, Conn., May 4, 2020– ActualMeds, a provider of cloud-based solutions to automate medication management in patients with chronic diseases, announced its collaboration with Partners Medication Management. LLC (PMM) to provide its KnowMyMeds on-demand prescription medication histories at point of care to the 3 State of NJ COVID-19 treatment field hospitals. The NJ field hospitals were set up to relieve strain on local hospitals during the COVID-19 current surge as well as to manage capacity constraints expected in the months ahead.When notified of a new admission, the PMM team of remote pharmacists uses ActualMeds’ KnowMyMeds system to access a patient’s medication history, review risks and securely send the medication regimen to the field site for use during the overall assessment of each patient. ActualMeds is a certified data integration partner of Surescripts and can enable integrated availability of the Surescripts data to the ActualMeds system to support a variety of medication reconciliation and risk review workflows.

In addition to saving time and improving efficiencies, the use of real time medication history  helps to identify patient co-morbidities that may have been omitted during initial admission and reduces the risk of potential medication errors that may occur due to inability to obtain accurate patient history at the time of admission. COVID-19 restrictions do not allow family members or caregivers the ability to participate in communicating important patient history, making it difficult to obtain the accurate lists of medications and chronic conditions needed for patient care planning and addressing the immediate COVID-19 clinical needs.